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​​Without a detailed follow-up process for your opened Email and/or visits to your Website, You are leaving a great deal of new business on the table!! 

​​​​I'll bet you are not using all the prospecting resources available to you through the Internet.  If you follow-up, you will develop more Sales Ready Leads than you can handle.  Technology has give us the following ability to:

  • Know who opened your Email advertising.

  • Discover who visits your Website.

  • Be notified which of your Webpage they visited. 

  • Automate the the Follow-up Process.

  • Run focused promotions to an interested audience.   




A well planned and executed Email Advertising Campaign will have over 10% to 20% openings.  Who opened your Email indicates interest in the subject of the Email.  The buyers that open the Emails must be followed-up and contacted.  If approached properly the businesses you will answer the phone and talk to you. 

A swift search on the Internet, some businesses say that 80% to 90% of the buyers who opened Emails, and were follow-up, are their customers today.  


Most Websites get over 89 to 124 visits per week depending on the size of company.  We can and need to take advantage of these visits.  


Automated Follow-up

The astute business manager will automate the manage of the follow-up to Email opens and Website visits.   This will release your sales force from the mundane clerical work of organizing the work and allow them more time to manage the selling part of the follow-up.

Don't do It Yourself! -- A Message To Sales Management. 


Setting up a follow-up process is not for the faint hearted.   It will be easy when you let Harden Ervin at SalesAutomation.com help you.   We make follow-up easy.   


Do not let your IT department do it!  

Do not do it yourself!  We have seen business that the VP of Sales lost his job because the business new sales dropped.  He as many people became addicted installing his Sales process and not to sell.

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Do You Follow-up After An E-mail Broadcast

Advertising Campaign?


If You Don't Shame On You! 

Harden Ervin, MBA 

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